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Time:2021-01-15 16:31:14
Where can a chiller manufacturer sell single screw chillers, All the single head screw chillers supplied by our company are strictly inspected and tested by the quality inspection department in the factory to ensure that each equipment leaves the factory with high quality and high performance. The single head screw chillers produced by our company are widely used in the plastic industry, electroplating industry, leather industry, printing industry, chemical industry, electronic industry, etc. In many cooperative enterprises in the technical innovation, efficiency improvement has made due contributions, and provide product installation, use, maintenance, troubleshooting and other services. Welcome new and old customers to visit us and negotiate business. We will make continuous efforts to provide you with excellent products and services.
Excellent service is the needs of customers, and to meet the needs of customers is our unchanging purpose. Double front refrigeration in order to customers can receive products faster, we sell the single screw chiller using land transportation; road transportation; railway transportation. Innovation is the foundation, quality is the life, pragmatism is the purpose, and efficiency is the goal. Our company adheres to innovative business model, has the courage to innovate, has the courage to try; adheres to the pursuit of product quality, makes unremitting efforts to provide customers with excellent quality products; our company adheres to the pragmatic and honest basis, and strives to achieve the growth of enterprise efficiency.
Wenzhou Shuangfeng Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., located at No. 20, Hengyu Road, Binhai New Area, is a comprehensive limited liability company specializing in refrigeration equipment and integrating the production, operation, R & D and service of single screw chillers. It also provides professional overall solutions for consulting, development, production, transformation, installation and commissioning of refrigeration equipment enterprises Chillers are widely used in plastic, electronics, chemical industry, chemical fiber, electroplating, food, textile, clothing, printing, blow molding, blister, medicine, preservation, construction, mechanical equipment and many other industries and fields.
Chiller manufacturer, industrial chiller is a kind of chiller, chiller can be divided into air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller.
The air-cooled chiller uses shell and tube evaporator to exchange heat between water and refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load in the water to cool the water. After producing cold water, the heat is carried to the fin condenser by the compressor, and then dissipated to the outside air by the cooling fan (air cooling)
Features of air cooled chiller:
1. The air-cooled chiller does not need to be installed with cooling tower, so it is suitable for the environment with poor impurities. (impurities are easy to be mixed in the cooling tower, and dust will block the cooling water circulation circuit, resulting in the decrease of cooling capacity).
2. The air-cooled chiller is used in the area with poor water quality, which can save other accessories for the cooling tower.
3. Adopt large capacity condenser, hot also can operate easily.
4. Reduce the floor area, easy to install.
5. The air-cooled chiller adopts the design of top outlet air.
Water cooled chiller uses shell and tube evaporator to make heat exchange between water and refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load of water to cool the water. After producing cold water, the heat is brought to the shell and tube condenser by the compressor. The heat is exchanged between the refrigerant and water to make the water absorb the heat, and then the heat is brought out of the external cooling tower by the water pipe to dissipate (water cooling)
Features of water cooled chiller:
1. High quality compressor as the heart of industrial chiller (produced in Europe, America and Japan, brand new original compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durable).
2. The box evaporator has built-in automatic water supply device, which can save the expansion water tank in engineering installation, and is convenient for installation and maintenance. It is suitable for special occasions such as large temperature difference and small flow.
3. The water-cooled condenser is made of high external thread copper tube with large heat dissipation and small volume. Using the new CAD / CAM processing technology, with CNC machining center, compact structure, high reliability, beautiful appearance, high energy saving.
4. Industrial water chiller unit configuration: single chip control system, built-in compressor drying filter and expansion valve, maintenance hand valve interface and other devices, the machine reliable and safe operation, convenient maintenance.
5. The multi-functional operation panel of industrial water chiller is equipped with ammeter, control system fuse, compressor switch button, water pump switch button, electronic temperature controller, various safety protection fault lights, unit start-up and operation indicator light, which is easy to operate and easy to use. Configuration of industrial water chiller unit: single chip control system, built-in compressor drying and expansion valve, maintenance hand valve interface and other devices, ensure reliable and safe operation of the machine, and facilitate maintenance.
Industrial water chiller (air-cooled): the air-cooled Wenzhou water chiller is manufactured by using compressor and electric control components. The unit is equipped with leakage protection, overload protection, overpressure and reverse phase protection, abnormal refrigerant protection and compressor overtemperature protection. The combination is complete.
Where can a chiller manufacturer sell single screw chillers, Shuangfeng refrigeration insists on solving the problems of environmental control and heat conduction professionally, providing customers with good service and single screw chiller, adhering to the tenet of "today's quality is tomorrow's market", taking science and technology as the guide, fully meeting the needs of users, and providing customers with fast and excellent service at the first time. Focusing on promoting the industrialization process of human society, double front refrigeration will provide continuous "freezing" force for continuously improving industrial production efficiency!
Your demand is the pursuit of Wenzhou Shuangfeng Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. We are waiting for you to contact Jiangsu single head screw chiller supplier, chiller manufacturer, Jiangsu water-cooled screw chiller supplier and Jiangsu double head screw chiller manufacturer
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