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Time:2021-01-21 16:16:23
Wenzhou Shuangfeng Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of air-cooled screw chillers, is located at No. 20, Hengyu Road, Binhai New Area. Its main business is the production and sales of air-cooled screw chillers. Have a complete set of production equipment and a group of experienced technical personnel. After years of development, double front refrigeration ushered in a new spring. Now the air-cooled screw chillers are produced all over the country, and a perfect after-sales service system has been established in domestic provinces and cities to provide targeted technical support and development space for the demand groups.
The company always supports staff innovation, innovative technology, innovative management, innovative environment and innovative system. The air-cooled screw chiller conforms to the spirit of innovation, keeps pace with the times, and adapts to the changing needs of users. For customers who want to buy our products, they can pay by online payment, cash payment, bank transfer and cash on delivery. We will send the products to you at the time of negotiation. At the same time, we will provide you with one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance after-sales service.
Shuangfeng refrigeration in the spirit of professional dedication, excellence, practice the "quality is the cornerstone of corporate reputation" guiding principle. Starting from the quality of products, we manufacture air-cooled screw chillers. With the demand of customers as the driving force of production, air-cooled screw chillers have good user evaluation. Adhere to the production principle of "quality win", and strive to provide customers who want to buy air-cooled screw chillers with satisfactory and reassuring products.
Wenzhou Shuangfeng Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a comprehensive unit specializing in the development, production and trade of refrigeration equipment. For a long time, we have been focusing on talent cultivation, absorbing modern scientific and technological management concepts, and building a team with reasonable structure and strong technical force. The product R & D ability ranks Qian Mao among the peers in China, and the main production equipment and testing equipment are close to the level of the same industry in China. The water chillers produced can be widely used in the plastic industry, electroplating industry, leather industry, printing industry, chemical industry, mushroom production Environmental Engineering, agricultural cultivation, pharmaceutical industry, shoe industry, electronic industry, etc.
Shuangfeng refrigeration company has integrated sales and production. The series of Shuangfeng refrigeration chillers mainly include chillers, air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, screw chillers, screw air-cooled chillers, screw water-cooled chillers, low-temperature chillers, medium and low-temperature chillers, screw chillers, screw water-cooled chillers, screw air-cooled chillers, screw air-cooled chillers Double head screw chiller, single head screw chiller, double head screw chiller, single head screw chiller, water-cooled screw chiller, air-cooled screw chiller, water-cooled screw chiller, air-cooled screw chiller, low temperature screw chiller, etc;
The features of screw chiller are as follows:
Screw chillers are divided into single head screw chillers and double head screw chillers. The SFS XXS series ice water system adopts German Bitzer semi closed twin screw compressor, which has the technical characteristics of Zhuoyue, and can be divided into two types: single compressor and double compressor. It is suitable for R22, r407, R134a and other refrigerants. The high efficiency horizontal shell and tube condenser and evaporator have "BR1" national pressure vessel manufacturing license, stable heat exchange and convenient maintenance. Microcomputer controller has powerful function and adopts high-speed embedded microprocessor. Its performance is much higher than that of single chip computer used in similar products.
1. Semi hermetic twin screw compressor made in Germany has long bearing life and can run for a long time;
2. The dual energy regulation mode of the compressor can be adjusted according to the needs of customers to achieve the effect of energy saving;
3. The condenser and evaporator meet the national demand, with high heat exchange performance and convenient maintenance;
4. The controller has good expansibility, which is convenient to expand and upgrade the hardware and program;
5. The technology enables the hardware components of the microcomputer controller to have the ability of self diagnosis, and can automatically eliminate faults;
6. The memory with high stability and performance, 512k program storage capacity and 128K power-off data storage capacity are configured to store a large amount of data without loss;
7. Read special screen protection system makes the life of touch screen more than ten years;
Single screw chiller Wenzhou air cooled screw chiller professional manufacturers, in the era of high speed and high precision environment, double front refrigeration to customer-centric, market-oriented, in accordance with the law to carry out business activities. The company will continue to supply high-quality, high-precision, energy-saving air-cooled screw chillers to meet the needs of the demand group, and continue to provide good product services for the majority of customers, determined to become an enterprise in the refrigeration equipment industry. Address: No.20, Hengyu Road, Binhai New Area. You are welcome to give us suggestions or opinions.
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